Connect Therapy

12th June 2019

Would you like to sample a therapeutic massage?

Connect Therapy promises not only to relax you but also reduce pain and will help to identify the root cause of any pain, any subconscious & energetic blocks that you might have that are preventing you from moving forward in life! This therapy works by releasing trapped and unresolved emotions and works on connecting mind, body, and spirit using a combination of deep tissue massage, reiki and angelic healing, NLP, coaching and guided meditations.

This treatment may help couples who are struggling to conceive – this could be because of a subconscious block. This happens when couples are trying for a baby and they try for years with no luck but as soon as they give up they fall pregnant, and therefore this therapy can help with fertility issues. Other examples of energetic blocks are auto immune conditions such as fibromyalgia and reoccurring pain such as sciatica, shoulder/hip pain and habits such as hair pulling or nail biting.

Think this may be the treatment may benefit you?

We offer a FREE consultation with an introductory price of £70 for 90 minutes. Usual treatment cost is £60 for 60 minutes or £85 for 90 minutes. For more information, make sure to ask for Corrinne Bishop when booking!

Make sure to call us on 01435 862524 or email today!

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