Reiki is an ancient hands on healing technique, working with energy to re-balance the body, reduce stress and allow the body to heal itself. During a treatment, the client remains fully clothed whilst the practitioner lays hands on or over the body, to transfer healing energy. A Reiki treatment is extremely relaxing and the client may experience gentle heat, coolness or pleasant tingling and may fall asleep.


Initial Treatment


60 mins


Practitioners of Karuna Reiki ® believe it has deeper healing powers than Usui Reiki. All Reiki therapy is completely safe; the healing energy goes where it needs to go. Receivers of this type of treatment do not have to have particular religious or spiritual beliefs but must be willing to be responsible for their own health. It is thought that recipients of Reiki can experience a deep emotional and/or physical healing.

Other benefits may include: compassion for people, increased intuition, increased trust in yourself and life, assisting in releasing emotions or unconscious negative behavioural patterns, emotional release of past traumas, healing relationship issues, helping with addictive or extremes of behaviour, compulsion to live a healthier lifestyle, supporting grounding and focus, improved communication, increased creativity, improved motor skills, healing insomnia, healing fear and panic, assisting with meditation, a positive impact on chronic fatigue, claiming and being responsible for your personal power, healing co-dependency.

As a complementary therapy, neither Usui nor Karuna Reiki ® replaces orthodox medicines but works safely alongside.

Practitioner 1 – registration no: UK1-13-005
Practitioner 2 – registration no: UK2-13-010

The initial treatment lasts 1hr 15 minutes and includes a consultation, further treatments are 1hr long.

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