What have we done to help stop the spread of Coronavirus?

30th September 2020

When we opened our doors back in July, we wanted to open with you in mind…

Here at Blackdoor, we have taken many precautions in order to help in stopping the spread of Coronavirus, please see below a list of changes we’ve made in order to keep all clients and staff safe in such unprecedented times:

  • All towels including body towels & hand towels are now disposable
  • Whilst we still aren’t able to offer magazines, we can now offer refreshments in disposable cups meaning you can enjoy your treatment with a warm cup of coffee!
  • Manicure stations have been kept to a minimum, with a steam clean and disinfection process between every client
  • When doing manicure & pedicures, we now use individual pots of lotions and creams so that there is no cross contamination between staff and clients
  • ALL clients will be asked to wash their hands on arrival to the salon with soap and water to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, drying hands with disposable towels provided
  • Therapist’s will be wearing masks and goggles/visors at ALL TIMES
  • Clients MUST wear a mask at all times unless they are exempt or taking a sip from their drink
  • A Covid shield has been placed between both Pedicure chairs so that you can feel safe but still enjoy that side by side treatment with a loved one!
  • Card payments and contactless are preferable so that we can avoid the handling of cash
  • Clients will be asked to scan the BDB QR code upon arrival, it is not essential for you to do this, but we do strongly advise you do this when possible



For more information on our new Covid-19 safety implements, please call the salon on 01435 862524 or email sally@blackdoorbeauty.co.uk!

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