Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers make the perfect gift for a loved one. They can be purchased for a sum of money or against a specific treatment.

Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and are non-refundable. Expiration dates are clearly stated on the front of the voucher to avoid confusion – any vouchers out of date will not be accepted as payment.  Vouchers can be purchased in store or over the phone.

Got an out of date Voucher?

We can totally appreciate that life gets in the way & aren’t always able to get in with us in time – therefore we try our absolute hardest to accommodate everyone and their situations and coming to a fair resolution.

However, we are sometimes unable to extend or honour vouchers & these are the reasons why:

  • To prevent the build-up of ‘undeclared liabilities’
  • To ensure services that we provide are within a reasonable period of time & are at the highest of standards
  • We believe that by having a smaller time allowance on our vouchers (6 months) actually makes clients spend them quicker by not letting them forget they have a pamper session waiting for them! 💆🏼

Whilst 99% of our lovely clients who receive a vouchers spend them within the time of use, we feel the need to explain ourselves to the customers who we are unfortunately able to help.

Please note: If you have a voucher that expired during the lockdown, they have been extended by how long they were unable to be used. Please call us on 01435 862524 if you have any questions.