Kissed by Mii

At Blackdoor Beauty our aim is to deliver a flawless, safe tan crammed with nourishing ingredients designed specifically to improve the tone and condition of your skin. More and more research has shown that sun exposure can damage our skin in a variety of ways. The cumulative effects of sun exposure are very real, causing damage to the actual structure of the skin leading to premature ageing, loss of elasticity, uneven colour and even illness.

We are exposed to two different types of ultraviolet light from the sun, UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays damage the skin and cause cells to age prematurely. Skin becomes thinner, more prone to fine and coarse wrinkles as well as rough to the touch. It loses its tone and elasticity, becoming less flexible as well as blotchy. And then there’s cancer. UVB rays from the sun can directly damage the DNA of skin cells, causing sunburn and possibly leading to cancers.

There’s a direct link between sun damage and skin cancer, so it’s imperative to protect your skin throughout your life from sun damage. Kissed by Mii products work without sun exposure to give you an ultra even, all over tan but they do not contain sun filters.