Lip Liner and Lip Blush

Renew and redefine your lip contour with a lip liner treatment. A subtle blush of colour can be added to soften and blend the lip liner into the lip creating a softer looking pout.

Treatments from £375


Give your lips maximum definition and lustre with a full lip colour treatment. Fantastic if you no longer want to use lipstick, or if you want to get back your youthful rosy glow.

A full lip colour is a must if you have irregularly shaped, poorly defined or pale lips.

A colour patch test and full consultation will be required prior to any treatment. Some procedures will require 3 sessions hence the price differential, this will be discussed in detail prior to your treatment. A free session is advised 1 month after the initial treatment and a full refresher approximately 12-18 months later. The cost of the refresher treatment will be considerably discounted.

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