Medical grade skin peels

Facial peels help to exfoliate, tighten and improve the skin’s appearance by removing layers of skin. Peels help to improve the complexion by increasing elasticity, brightness and colour. A course of treatments can help to clear acne, acne scars, blemishes, pigmentation and sun damage. Peels are also effective on oily skin, stretch marks and signs of ageing.

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Single Mask Peel 30%


The Dermaceutic peels are superficial to medium in depth and are supported by a full range of Cosmeceuticals to prepare, optimise and maintain the results of all aesthetic procedures. We strongly recommend the use of the home care prescribed by your medical practitioner to prepare your skin. You will need to start pre-treatment at least 2 weeks before your first peel.

The superficial peels contain AHA and BHA, particularly glycolic acid which is the smallest molecule in fruit acid, salicylic and lactic acid. For medium peels the most commonly used agent is TCA. It is an entirely natural and effective procedure performed by a medical professional.

A session generally lasts approx 30 minutes. For optimum results, most peels will require at least 4 sessions approximately 2-4 weeks apart. During the application of the peeling agent a tingling or light feeling of heat may be felt depending on the strength of the peel. A few hours after the session a slight redness like mild sunburn may be present but again this depends on the type of treatment you have received.A full consultation will be taken before treatment. You must be sure to protect yourself from the sun for at least a month after treatment.

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