Kissed by Mii

Created with marine minerals extracts, Kissed by Mii has taken the nourishing benefits of coral seaweed & coastal flowers to replenish your skin’s natural minerals, leaving it sublimely soft so your tan can develop beautifully. The colour will intensify over 3 hours and with care will last 4-7 days.

A gentle exfoliation is carried out prior to the tanning process.


Full Body




Please note: Please ensure you shave or wax prior to your appointment and avoid deodorant and moisturiser.

Loose, dark clothing should be worn directly after the tanning process as the tan can rub off on tight clothing. The tanning solution should be left on the skin for a minimum of 6-8 hours before showering off. Disposable underwear will be provided for your comfort.

We offer a wide range of treatments for your head, body, hands and feet all from our salon in Heathfield, East Sussex.

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